Sharp International is the one of the leading entities in the arena of freight forwarding and related services. The company has made a mark for itself due to the precision and superior quality of its services.



Our mission is to offer you the greatest possible assistance in importing and exporting that save both your valuable time and money. What is the status of my shipment? Is the question that is constantly asked by importers and exporters. For that reason, we have structured our company to give our representatives access to the technology which enables them to track and clear your shipments as quickly.


We are armed with highly trained and specialized professionals for the execution of the services. Our professional are familiar with all the finer points of our business any apply them to perfection while executing the services. Besides, we are equipped with the latest gadgetry for the areas that warrant them.


We offer unparalleled consultancy services to our clients on matters relating to Customs, Sales Tax and Import / Export Law and Procedures. We also assist our clients in preparation of Import / Export documents so that delays and complications at the time of clearance of goods are avoided.


As a Custom House Agent well versed with updated customs regulations and procedures, we can handle clearance of Import / Export shipments with ease and efficiency.

Our customs clearance related service includes advice to our clients in the preparation of final import / related documents, completion of appraisement and examination formalities and payments. The Consignments after completion of custom, formalities are either shipped/delivered to the client’s warehouse or are dispatched to the upcountry destination under our supervision.

We have experience of handling all sorts of imports whether temporary or on a permanent basis cleared on payment of duty and taxes or under various exemption notifications.